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Perfume Sticks

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Our scent sticks are perfect for all ages! 

In the fragrance world, formulas are often protected and proprietary, leaving the ingredient "Fragrance" open to many labeling loopholes. While the scents used in these products are proprietary formulas, they are also certified to be free of phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde which are the ickies to avoid that are often hidden under the term fragrance on product labels. 

There are 2 different fragrance options for these perfume sticks. One being 100% natural fragrance that is made using plant-based aromatics using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. These contain no synthetic fragrances, and these scents are noted with a (*) in the scent options below. The other scents are made with safe fragrances that are certified to be free of all the icky ingredients we avoid, but use some safe synthetics in the formulas to produce those signature scents. 

All of these fun perfume sticks come in a solid perfume balm base in a tube for easy roll-on application. 

Safe Scents:

  • Sweet Sugar Cookie
  • Amazing Apple
  • Cucumber Melon
  • Fruit Punch
  • Ocean Wave (Cologne)


100% Natural Scents:

  • Tropical Agave
  • Coconut Lavender
  • Rose Garden
  • Carmel Honey Latte
  • Jasmine Lime

Certified Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Yellow Beeswax, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Safe Fragrance. 

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Made in the USA, Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Made with Organic Ingredients

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